My Best Run – Ever.

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Ok, ok…. so, it wasn’t the longest run ever, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the best! My buddy Nino from Pure Fitness has been nagging me about my running form for quite a while now. I kept complaining about annoying shin splints, swollen knees, and even the occasional bursitis in the hips. Here is the post that changed everything – exactly what Nino had been trying to get into my thick skull all along…

Optimal form: A slight forward lean from the ANKLES (not the waist) with the top of your head and torso forming a straight line to your heels, knees slightly bent at all times so that you run 2″ shorter than walking or standing, foot impact on midfoot or balls of the feet NEVER the heel, footstrike directly beneath or slightly behind the body, shoulders/traps down, elbows close to the body, hands loose/limp as posssible, minimize arm swinging, minimize bouncing, use a forward falling momentum to do much of the work for you, PULL your feet off the ground with your hamstrings rather than pushing them (this will avoid needless pounding).

“Chi Running” by Danny Dreyer is an excellent source. On YouTube there is a video called “Running Biomechanics” which isn’t bad either.

And yes, barefoot running and/or minimalist shoes are both excellent ways of conditioning your FEET and calves so that you will have years of injury free running ahead of you. The mainstream podiatrists/orthotics/shoemaking industry does NOT have your best interests in mind…emphasis on INDUSTRY.

So, have a straight back – there should be a straight line from your head to your ankles; you should slightly lean forward at your ankles, not your waist. The key is to bend your knees – and remember, you should be landing with your feet directly beneath you, or slightly behind you (again, bend those knees!). It may take 10-15 minutes to feel like you are running correctly, but I promise – follow this form, and you will have the most amazing run – Ever.


New Photo Blog!

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Sarah and I have had a blast during our recent wedding shoots…. here is a new blog I just created for some easy browsing – Hope you enjoy it!


San Diego Wedding Photography –

2009 San Diego R&R Marathon – Benefiting the LLS

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The months of work and preparation have finally paid off – - Sundays 2009 R&R Marathon was a huge success!! So many great things came out of the day. I was able to complete my first marathon, together we raised $2,460.00 for the LLS, and a total of 8.2 Million was raised cumulatively for continued research through the LLS!! Thank you for having such a huge part in this overwhelming success.

I wanted to personally thank each one of you for your support and encouragement – I truly couldn’t have done it without you!

Ronald Wiggins
Anton Zajac
Sarah Feldman
Albert Nicdao
Socorro Nicdao
Dean & Karen Schellenberg
Darin Anderson
Bernie Gallant Jr.
Rita Pertzborn
Pamela Richardson
Vladimir Paulen
catherine toralba
Stephen & Sarah Koch
Mildred Gehlen
Jeanne and Marcel Theberg…
Peter J Jamack III
Dean & Judy Buck
Laurie Minter
Chris Schellenberg
chris and dotty zigler
amanda tadiarca
Anthony & Angela King
Don Schellenberg
Keith Higa
Michael Althaus
Jonathan and Jennifer Tel…
Sally Sumner
Peter Metcalfe
Sarah Schellenberg


Chris Schellenberg

Sarah Joy Photography

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Meet Sarah Joy.

I’m Sarah Joy Schellenberg (yes, a Filipino with a German name) & I live in beautiful San Diego, California. Photography has always been a passion of mine and a greater outlet for creativity. It wasn’t until this past year that I, through the encouragement of my husband & family, decided to pursue photography professionally.

It’s amazing to see how a single photograph can bring back a memory, a feeling. It’s a wonderful thing. I am committed to providing a wonderful, positive and ‘moment capturing’ experience through my photography and would love for you to consider me for your next event!

On a personal note –

My husband Chris & I have been married since February 2008 after knowing each other for fifteen months – when you know, you know : ) Chris is also my second photographer for weddings. We live in a house on a hill that has been in our family for yeas – along with our little Chloe, the laziest Irish terrier in the world. Our interests (other than photography) are: reading, music, travel, coffee & renovating our new/old place little by little. We are Christians and attend & serve at Canyon Ridge.


Sarah Joy Photography is available for (but not limited too) the following:

  • weddings
  • engagement sessions
  • family portraits
  • senior pictures
  • company events
  • parties

Wedding packages begin at $1000 and include the following:

  • coverage by two photographers (Sarah & her second photographer –Chris)
  • a two-hour complimentary engagement session
  • photo cd’s of your edited photographs

All other events begin at $75/hr and include:

  • coverage by Sarah or Chris
  • a photo cd of your edited photographs

*Note: For events with 100 or more people in attendance, it is recommended to book both Sarah and Chris for wide coverage at a rate of $100/hr.

Shakespeare Day @ Balboa Park

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Sarah and I were really looking forward to testing the new 30D’s out on all of the cute, fuzzy animals at the zoo on saturday. It was a perfect day – Sunny with a high of 68. We were actually done with our church -stuff early, and had the whole afternoon to just stroll and get some great shots.

I think that 98% of San Diego had exactly the same idea. The place was packed.

After driving around for 40 minutes, we finally found a spot behind the outdoor theatre – about 1.5 miles from the zoo. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be…

We soon realized the reason for all of the traffic – It was Shakespeare day, and around 10 schools and all of their family members had converged on Balboa for the festivities. We ended up having a great time – and took some decent pictures too!

Check some of them out here:

I guess the fuzzy animals will just have to wait until next time.


P.S. – The new elephant exhibit will be finished sometime next month – maybe we’ll see you there!


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First of all, I want to send out a huge thanks to all of those who have donated or shown their support for the work I am doing for the LLS. There’s no way to put into words what it means to me and all of those who will directly benefit from your generosity!  I wanted to update you of my progress so far – -

I have collected over $300.00 in just 4 weeks – a really great start! Since I am on track with the donation side of things, it’s time to get on track with the training side – So, below is a link to a new running blog that I will update every other day. I want you to know that I am doing my part as well in all of this! I have 26 miles to run, and I need to build up to 16 miles in the upcoming weeks if I am going to be standing at the end of it.

Be looking for the facebook challenge I will be sending out shortly – - 100 Friends in 100 hours. More details to come!


Click here to donate!!

Team In Training

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TEAM IN TRAINING – Benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

As most of you already know, my mom was recently diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Immediately after hearing the news I began digging into every bit of blood cancer information I could get my hands on. About an hour into my research I came across the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s home page, and realized that there was something I could do individually to positively affect this negative situation – - RUN. After some thought, I decided to participate in an endurance event as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team In Training. All of us on Team In Training are raising funds to help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. I am completing this event in honor of all individuals who are battling blood cancers, but especially for my mom. I know God has His hand in all of this, but I want to do my part. By donating to the LLS, you can have a HUGE part in this as well!

Please take a moment and make a donation to support my participation in Team In Training and help advance LLS’s mission. I would be truly grateful to have your support in this noble cause.

Donate Here:

I hope you will visit my web site often. Be sure to check back frequently to see my progress. Thanks for your support!

Click here to learn more about the San Diego Marathon I will be participating in:

Chris Schellenberg

‘Go On’ Released!

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I began writing and recording music during my sophomore year of high school. My parents actually surprised me with some old recording equipment (if I remember correctly, it was a Mac that only recorded midi!), and I haven’t stopped playing since – literally! Over the last two years, I have written a number of songs about my faith. Some were written during prayer and devotional times; others were written while listening to the teaching and preaching of God’s Word… and even others were written while sitting behind my desk at work, watching the sunset from my 19th floor vantage point! God has used these songs in my life as reminders of His love, His goodness, His mercy, and His ever-available strength. It is my prayer that you will experience the same. God bless!


I Samuel 12:24

Click HERE to order a hard copy of ‘Go On’ today!

Click HERE if you would prefer to download ‘Go On’ directly to your computer now!

Go On Track Listing (Listen here:

1. Go On – 3:12
2. The Road to Ninevah – 3:16
3. He Made You – 2:46
4. So What Say You? – 3:42
5. Turn to Jesus – 3:13
6. Know You More – 2:38
7. Evermore to Roam – 3:24
8. In You – 3:44
9. Meant to Be – 2:59
10. Amazing Love – 3:42
11. God of the Sparrow – 3:20
12. This is Love – 5:31
13. The Name of Jesus – 3:30
14. The Christmas Song – 3:33
15. Camp Song – 2:45
16. Luckiest – 2:09
17. Follow Me – 1:47

In Awe of You

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I had a few spare minutes yesterday, and started writing down some thoughts… they turned into this song : ) Enjoy, and God bles I had a few spare minutes yesterday, and started writing down some thoughts… they turned into this song : ) Enjoy, and God bless!

Maria Sue

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You’ve probably already heard…

These words came to mind – I had to go home and record it…

You can hear the original recording here: (scroll down to the bottom of the song list)